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Small white rolls


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I've had my live rock (5 lbs Fiji, 10 lbs Marshall) in for about 5 days. These little white things started appearing about 2 days ago. There are only about 10-15 spread out around the aquarium, but they do appear to be multiplying. they are definitely NOT alive.

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I'm thinking it just gathered debris in the small holes in the LR forced out by something, but mine appears to be gathered in certain areas that indicate they were either carried there, or left there by something.

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i've seen larger, much larger/longer. :x


you can sweep/siphon them up, chances are the next morning you'll have some more. the worms are nocturnal and hiding deep in bored caves/tunnels in the LR.

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Originally posted by rcar1046

Is there any reason to remove them?  Can they be harmful/helpful in any way?


I just dried one of mine out and smoked it.

Tasted great.




Really I am just commenting on this so it can get another bump.

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