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New Guy Question on LR


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Hi All,


Another new guy here! Although I have been into freshwater aquariums for a number of years, I'm a complete newby to SW and reef setups. I plan on setting up a nano reef sometime in the not to distant future, but want to read and learn as much as I can first - because my last attemt (about 2 years ago) ended in complete failure.


Here is my question - Can I reuse the 5 or 6 lbs of LR (now dead rock) left over from my previous attempt and just seed it with some new LR? The old rock has been out of the water for about 2 years, but was stored indoors - any chance of any critters surviving?




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yes, you can reuse it. but put it on the bottom of the tank, under the new stuff, with little or no light.


the only animals alive on it are spiders and an occasional cockroach.




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Nope, no treatments or chemicals of any kind. Thinking about busting it up into smaller pieces and using it as a foundation as nalbar suggested - after giving it a good cleaning. It will re-colonize won't it?



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