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Cleaner shrimp died


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came home today and my cleanershrimp was laying sideways inside my little cave in my nano cube, pulled him out and no movemnet, cause of death, unknown. he seemed to be doing great even this morning, he ate anything i would feed him, hed cruize around the tank finding things to clean, he had already molted


my true perc isnt looking good either, he was looking good the first couple of days but now appears to have some sort of infection on his side/gill


my water parameters are all good


ph 8.1-8.2 (had to buffer it up a little)

no amonia, etc


had a small little outbreak of diatom brown algea (like maybe four small specs on the glass and some brown in the sand) but thats it, i guess i will invest into a quarantine tank


my purple xenia or whatever is looking good and my small frag of polyps looks good as well

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nope, it molted about two days ago, i picked him out of the tank and it was him, i had already taken the molt out of the tank the day he did actually molt. just my lifeless little buddy

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if your perc is sick and you have had a diatom outbreak, maybe one of your water parameters are out?


what did you test for already? if post results, maybe someone will know whats going on..

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had all the water tested at my lfs, they have the kind where each test kit has a certain packet of powder to ensure accurate tests, as well as a very nice refractometer.


i actually don't think my true perc is sick, i think i was just exagerating, upon inspection today there were no visible signs of ich or anything like that and i hand fed him some frozen food

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