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What type of goby/shrimp pairs are possible for nanos?


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Hi guys,


I was thinking of setting up a specific tank in my 7G minibow that's laying around. And that's when I thought of getting a goby/shrimp pair. What types would fit in a nano this size?

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I just got my 7g minibow and it will soon be home to a Randalls goby and pistol shrimp....from what I've seen, I think the radalls goby is the coolest looking of shrimp gobys....

If your going to have a shrimp/goby though in the 7g you must not keep any other fish in there, thats gotta be the limit...you can also look into the yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp combo.

here is a good page of shrimp gobies, most of which will do well in your tank, ignore the 30 gallon minimum thing....



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Weird, I was just going to post a similar topic...


I'm thinking of getting a Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp myself. I'm curious about the "don't add anything else" part though.


It's a 12 gallon tank; would this goby (plus shrimp) put the tank at capacity? Surely there's room for another small fish, or are there compatibility issues?


Also, will the Pistol Shrimp be happy with cleaners, crabs, etc. in the tank?

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the shrimp doesnt really count toward fishload, so yes another fish would be fine in a 12g, in the 7 na i wouldnt.


and they are just fine with other cleaners

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