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some pics of my 30 gln


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wow, your variation of zoos is astounding...the new stuff you got in looks fantastic as well! the new frag i bought yesterday is exactly the same as perun's "butterscotch selects" and i have a frag i bought from another lfs that are the same as perun's orange and sky zoos...except i didn't have to pay too much money and i didn't have to get them shipped!

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In one of your pics, looks like RBTA's tentacles are touching one of your zoo's. Have you had any problems w/ the RBTA moving around and stinging other corals?


Oh and I heard they can get really huge! Does it grow fast?


Just curious cuz I really want one too, but have been scared to attempt it.

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i have had prob's with him moving alot actually.. it got to the point that i had to get rid of him. it was my fault though i used to feed it everyday and then i stopped when i fed it everyday it stayed in his spot buthe was growing like crazy and was sting my zoo's so i stopped feeding and he moved and moved and moved and moved ..then i gave it away. i know my clown misses his anemone but i like my zoo's alot and some of them a pretty expensive . i would suggest if you get one keep make sure u keep him happy .. so you dont regret buying one like me ...

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