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Percula or Oscelaris


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True Perculas are supposed to have very well defined black separating the white and orange stripes.


That pic is a bit streaky, i cant really make out that distinct black so i'd say ocellaris too.

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Percula clown and Ocelleris is interchangable.


What you have here is a False Percula/Ocelleris clown fish.


The other clown is the True Percula/Oceleris clown which is distinguised by thick dark black lines that outline the white parts on it body.

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That is definitely ocellaris, look at the dark pigmentation around its eyes. Perculas display no dark pigmentation around the eye. Instead, they have orange around the eye.



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I have seen them cohabitatig nicely in larger tanks in groups.


I have yet to see someone with a pair though... I can't see why it wouldn't work if they were juveniles to begin with.


This is an excellent question about how the spcecies interacts. Does the sub species color difference cause mating or even pairing to be impossible? I don't think so, but I am also not the person to ask.


If someone knows please share.





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I have an ocellaris and I wanted to get a black and white if they would pair up in my tank. If they won't pair up then I'll just get another ocellaris.

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