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Which fish hosts more often?


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Alot of times Clowns can host different things. The most known host would be the anemone. I've heard and actualy seen in a LFS a clown host coral.

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my occelaris hosted first in xenia, then in a torch, and now in an anemone


i had to remove the xenia before it saw the torch and the same deal with the torch and the anemone


who knows what will happen when i put them back in


imo ocellaris host easier

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My research shows that an ocellaris is the best bet. My Uncle Fabio had an ocellaris and he loved it!


Also get rid of the huge profile of your tank, it takes up the whole screen!!


Eagles are going to the superbowl!!!!


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What did I stutter? My profile says Pottstown. Please..


Only 15 mins away I thought Perkiomenville was like 45 mins away. Do you speed?


Thats awesome that a fellow fish lover lives close...were do you get your supplies at? I go to Zimmers Pet Store...I go so much that they gave me a frequent fishy card!! No lie!


Do you have any other fish lovers in your area. There are a few by me. We meet once a month to discuss our tanks and show pictures. You are welcome to come if you would like. Just let me know.


Are you and Eagles fan?


Cya Neighbor!!


Eagles are the best team of the decade!!!

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