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175w MH floodlight for aquarium?


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MH lighting has three components 1) bulb 2) ballast 3) reflector


The problem with using MH fixtures not designed for aquarium use is that the bulb is way too low kelvin (K) rating for reefs. While you could probably use the reflector (and maybe the whole fixture), you would certainly have to replace the bulb with one with kelvin rating between 6500 and 20000 (personal preference). The reflector wouldn't deliver nearly as much light to the aquarium as a quality spider reflector or designed-for-aquarium pendant. Figure a new 175w bulb will run around 60-100 depending on which brand/spectrum.


By using that fixture you would be out around 160 - 200 bux total.


By shopping around you could alternatively get an icecap ballast for around $100, retrofit reflector or pendant for $40 to $100 and a bulb for the aforementioned $60 to $100.


At the end of the day you could have better quality, more light and use less electricity by spending around 50 dollars more. If you are using a 20 gallon or larger tank I would also consider doing 250w instead of 175w for no difference in price.


Just my opinion - your mileage may vary.


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