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water change??


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Please tell me if this is right. When water evaporates just add plan tap water. If doing water change than mix salt and water than add to aquarium.



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Tap water might be a problem, its normally not clean enough, u should use reversed osmosis, distilled or deionised…


Best of luck!



(It’s me)

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Not exactly.


Large swings in salinity and temperature can cause the inhabitants to go into shock and kill them. For replacing evaporated water, you need to do it slowly by dripping it in. The smaller the tank, the more care needs to be taken in monitoring salinity, pH, alk, etc... Don't use salt water to replace what has evaporated. You need to use RO/DI if you can. Any other type of water can rapidly change the ionic balance in your tank.


For water changes, get a clean bucket or go buy a cheap 10 gallon rubbermaid container at Walmart, that won't be used for anything but mixing salt water. You need to mix the salt and water together at least 24 hours in advance and keep it oxygenated with an airstone or powerhead. You'll need to match the salinity, pH, and temp to your tank before you put it in your tank.


Fill the container with RO/DI, if you have it, add your salt, turn on the heater and powerhead. Test it the next day and match your tank's water parameters. Siphon water from your tank, pump the water from the mixing tub into the tank.



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why do i get the feeling xplicit just ran to his tap and filled a bucket with water and poured it into his tank?


two weeks from now we will have a post;


'I have an algae problem, what do i do?'








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