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confused on lighting


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ok. i want to set up a 10g reef tank with softies, anemone, and one fish, most likely a clown. would i use metal halide or PC or what? what kind of wattage? should i use two different bulbs? if so, what combination? any site that have good deals? thank

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though i love my powerquad...i wish i couldve gone with something that had a seperation between the actinic and the 6700 or 10k white...not being able to control 'day/night' kinda sucks. its just....click...BRIGHT LIGHT!! poor fish.


i'd try the 2X40 or you could go coralife 2X65 i think...its like a 24in fixture but with the legs you can set it up for with only two inches of overhang(outside your tank) and no dark spots in the tank.

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anemones can have pretty high lighting requirements (as well as being picky about water quality). Their demands make them only for the experienced nano reefer, as most nano-reefers avoid anemones. Unlike with a larger tank, in a nano, an anemone death means your whole tank dies (the anemone goes to paste overnight and the paste turns the tank into a toxic fog). For an anemone, I would say wait, but when and if you get one, check the lighting requirements. At minimum a 70 or 150wattDE halide might be in order...those PC bulbs just wont cut it.

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