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Pair of Clowns first in 29 gallon?


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I have a 29 gallon tank that has been set up for a week. The live rock was from a local reefer and has never been out of the water for more than 30 seconds. All the parameters are ok.


I have a pair of ocellaris clowns in my 10 gallon right now. Should they be the first inhabitants of the 29? Or should I add other fish I want first, then add the pair of clowns last? I am afraid the pair of clowns will be "king & queen" of the tank and attack later fish that I add. I will not keep an anenome.


Fish I want to add:


purple firefish

royal gramma

bangaii cardinal

six-line wrasse

yellow watchman goby

school of chromis

small angelfish (flame, lemonpeel, etc)


(I'm not adding the whole list, just a few. Your suggestions would be great!)



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I also have a 29g that I'm going to start adding fish to. I was thinking of adding one clown, sixline and a flame angel. I'm going to get the sixline first then the clown. I would probably add any of the fish on your list before the clowns.

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Looks like 29G's are popular. My new setup is sat behind me filled with freshwater while I fine tune the sump plumbing etc.


If I remember correctly (from a similar post of my own) it's best to add a six-line last of all as they can get aggresive if they establish their own turf before other fish arrive on the scene. If they're added last they settle better with their new tank mates.


Maybe someone on hear can speak from experience?


I'll be getting a neon gobie to go with my intended Ocellaris pair. they're supposed to help clean the fish of parasites. :)

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