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Yellow clown goby


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Hey guys ready to add a fish to my 10 gallon nano tank. I will only be adding one very small fish I was thinking a yellow clown goby so that it's not over populated and my fish will have a happy stress free life. My question is would my yellow goby be happier with a mate or alone since it's only a 10 gallon tank? 

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My experience with fish -singular fish have basically lived within the rocks.


My clown goby was never seen until I got another fish


My singular clowns have not swam around and been social until adding another fish



My bicolor blenny in my 5g rarely swims around. He lives in the rocks like a goby would.




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I just got a clown goby 2 weeks ago, I got a cown fish as well, and they really are friends.  When I feed, the clown will swim down to the goby, I swear to let him know food "is on the table".  I think that I did read that clown gobys don't like other clown gobys.  I wasn't sure if you were thinking of getting 2 CG.  

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If you’re going to do I singular fish I would go for something more bold or aggressive like a dottyback that would be interesting to watch as opposed to something more cryptic, especially if it’s your only tank. That’s just my preference though.

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