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Vibrant for algae


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I’ve been out of the hobby for a bit and just got back into it recently. On my FB groups I’ve been hearing about Vibrant for algae issues?  Most recently someone used it for bubble algae.


Is it all natural?  Experience?  🤔

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15 minutes ago, Kellie in CA said:

I'm on dose 4 for my diatom issue. Still not much of a change. Trying to be patient. 

It cures diatoms and bubble algae?  They should have called this stuff “magic” lol.  


Is there any known collateral impact? Natural?  

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I have been using this for a couple of weeks. It got rid of my dinos in less than a week (my main concern).


I still have ups and downs with hair algae. However I noticed that my hermit crabs have found an appetite to start eating the hair algae this week. Not sure if its vibrant related.


I personally feel at a minimum, vibrant keeps the hair algae growth down to a minimum. Along with a lean feeding scheme.

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