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water change/corals/fish


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my 5.5 gallon has just finished its cycle, so i performed a 1 gallon water change today. i was just wondering how often i should be doing a water change, should it be every week? or can it be monthly? i was also wondering what kind of corals i could keep in a 5.5 gallon, with 32 wat retrofit kit lighting? and lastly i was wondering what kind of fish i can keep in this 5.5 gal? i was thinking about a sm black and white percula clownfish, what do you thinkk?

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black and white percs are so cool... i don't know about keeping them in a 5.5 thought... it seems a little small.... someone else will hopefully chime in

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hi reefer 769.


i have a 10 gallon and change 10% of my water weekly with great results. i made the mistake of slacking on changes last spring and killed a couple of my corals. the key to success is consistency. if you decide to change once a week, stick to it. if you can't handle it every week, do it every two weeks, but stick to it. on a 5.5 i would probably do 1/2 gallon every week.


as for corals, i'm definitely no expert but you can do soft corals (polyps, shrooms) and some LPS with your lighting. i think you would need more light if you wanted to try some SPS or clams. but don't take my word for it, go to the gallery and search for "5.5" there are a lot of 'em!


as for fish, your choices are pretty limited. check out this thread:




use the search...there is a TON of info on here!


good luck!

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i recommend 20% wcs every few days for about two weeks after cycling. this removes excess post cycle bacteria, which will in turn into fuel for algae. then do 10%/wk.


i did this to my tank and am algae free for 3 mos. now (just "normal" algae on the glass) the clean up crew does the rest. also have only corals and inverts. i won't add a fish to mine but suggest waiting 6 mos. before doing so.

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