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Paul's new nano adventure...

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On 8/18/2018 at 10:11 AM, Perthreefer said:

 Almost there now, another zoa colony and a birdsnest and I'll stop at the coral addition.

I've said this more than once 😎

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22 hours ago, Indiana Reefin said:

Killer tank!! Man I bet that setup was pricey 

It wasn't cheap mate, but the advantage I guess of selling a 150 gallon system to buy a 30 gallon is that you have a bit of cash to buy the higher end equipment, plus I've quickly found you're spending nowhere near as much on coral and fish!!

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Another little update and if anyone is using XR15s and has no idea of the PAR they kick out this might be of some interest. Using 2 Gen4 Pro's I'm getting the following PAR readings...


30% intensity...


42488912330_90460e49f2_c.jpgpar30 by kenpau01, on Flickr


50% intensity...


42488910350_8745955d8e_c.jpgPAR50 by kenpau01, on Flickr



and 75% intensity...


42488908040_93ebc71015_c.jpgpar75 by kenpau01, on Flickr


There are plenty of power in these lights, and by using 2 XR15s instead of one XR30 I have hopefully avoided too much shadowing in places where I don't want it.
Water parameters are great at the moment so the proof will be in the coral growth I guess! 

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On 10/10/2018 at 4:45 AM, Christopher Marks said:

@Perthreefer, how has your nano reef been doing? Impressive setup!


On 10/10/2018 at 4:50 AM, Justind823 said:

Wow great build!


I'll be following along. Thanks for bumping this thread @Christopher Marks


Thanks for the messages guys, sorry for the late reply, been so busy with work lately. 


The system has been going pretty well. Have had an issue with cyanobacteria recently as you can see from this shot...


43992691230_e9b017fd41_c.jpgone by kenpau01, on Flickr


It actually was a lot worse on the sand and syphoning it was allowing it to get into the water stream, it actually ended up taking over a piece of acropora and a chalice coral, killing them both. It started affecting the acropora stag that is in the shots and I was seeing RTN from the tips. This was frustrating me because reading up about it online, most people were saying this is likely caused by high alk, I have actually been struggling to keep alk above 7dkh and am actually dosing now to maintain around 7.2.

Aside from that issue, the LPS and soft corals are taking off, the yellow tip torch in this shot has shown significant growth...


43992692830_51e1dbbf25_c.jpgfive by kenpau01, on Flickr


The zoanthids are also doing very well...


43992692620_ef30ea051d_c.jpgfour by kenpau01, on Flickr


SPS has been a bit hit and miss, I mentioned the issues earlier, however my green acro is encrusting onto the rock the the birdnest is showing good growth too...


43992692330_23e3fd97a2_c.jpgsix by kenpau01, on Flickr


Probably the best growth I've seen has been from the star polyps, as usual once they take off they grow like a weed, I love the spot I have them in though as they show good movement at the front of the tank, the red goni in the shot is new so I will move it higher up once it has acclimatised to the lights...


43992693040_8f8b978063_c.jpgthree by kenpau01, on Flickr


Livestock other than coral is doing very well, my clam isn't growing too fast but seems very healthy which is hopefully a sign water quality is good...


43992691350_8a39b3b17f_c.jpgeight by kenpau01, on Flickr


I am fully stocked now with 2 clownfish, a royal blenny, flame angel and blue/green chromis. I have multiple snails, a red stripe cleaner shrimp and an anemone crab which hosts the torch coral...


45085210214_4c5146a3e8_c.jpgseven by kenpau01, on Flickr


You'll notice the cyanobacteria is gone, one treatment with chemiclean is all it took, absolutely amazing product, the water is crystal clear now. I'm actually going to make dosing it part of my monthly maintenance.


If anyone is interested in the technical side of things, here is my lighting schedule with two Radion XR15 Gen4 pros...


31938696498_2af46ed8e6_c.jpgradion by kenpau01, on Flickr


Thanks for your interest in my system!!!

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Wow, looks great! Thanks for the update. Your photos are nice, love the goniopora and GSP one. How are you photographing the fish so well? 

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7 hours ago, banasophia said:

Wow, looks great! Thanks for the update. Your photos are nice, love the goniopora and GSP one. How are you photographing the fish so well? 

Thanks for the message! To be honest the most recent shots were quickly taken with a Samsung S8!  I want to try and get a few really nice shots with my dslr but need a macro lens ideally. I guess it's maybe a little bit easier with nano reefs because the fish are in the shot half the time anyway!

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Few more photos from tonight, not the best time to do it as the light's were dimming to moonlighting. Unfortunately I only have prime lenses for my DSLR, really need to get a zoom lens for aquarium photography as I missed the focus slightly on a couple of shots...


Red goniopora, sinularia leather, red blastomussa...


30904187187_5be105b79d_c.jpgDSC04149 by kenpau01, on Flickr


Royal Blenny, gold tip torch...


44930939495_5f7bc2e686_c.jpgDSC04148 by kenpau01, on Flickr


30904187757_e27b4621a0_c.jpgDSC04147 by kenpau01, on Flickr


Red line cleaner shrimp, green acropora...


44930939925_6822c84b3f_c.jpgDSC04151 by kenpau01, on Flickr


Ocellaris clownfish, green star polyps...


44930939815_3cbb249a71_c.jpgDSC04152 by kenpau01, on Flickr


Flame angelfish, green star polyps...


44027163880_a7746afd5d_c.jpgDSC04153 by kenpau01, on Flickr

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