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The resilient zoa


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It's alive!  Two weeks ago one of my zoas that had been glued down for a while was ripped off by a hermit crab and disappeared!  I tried digging for it and turning up rocks but I could not find it. And tonight as I walked by my tank I saw one of the heads popping up through the sand!  It was right outside of my pistol shrimps den so I injuries it and moved it to a safe location and within a few minutes all the heads opened up! Just wanted to share cuz I'm both shocked and excited that they survived that long being buried 😃

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Update: day after the original post it went missing again.. Thought all was lost.  Turned up today and it's still looking good! Made sure to put it somewhere my pistol shrimp couldn't get it until I get a chance to glue it down 

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