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My Hungry Mushroom


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Check out my hairy mushroom eating a piece of Silverside. They usually close when they eat, this one just decided to let me see what goes on behind the scenes.




Left mushroom fully closed











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I've never tried propagating a hairy mushroom. I don't think you could. Then again, i don't think mushrooms could eat Silversides.

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Just wanted to share my experience. I had never seen a hairy mushroom like this. :o


for some reason, the way the fish was sideways and then got tilted up before it was swallowed reminds me of the Titanic.....



Yeah, I thought the same... hahaha

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I was at Huachinango's place when he took these pics. Amazing thing to watch in person.


The Rhodactis is semi-transparent and you could see the insides of the digestive tract with the silverside in it.


One thing to mention is that it took several minutes for the Rhodactis to maneuver the silverside into its mouth. His other fish were pulling the silverside out of the Rhodactis's mouth, so he had to chase away all the fish, during that slow eating process. That's probably why the mushrooms close up around the food; to keep any fish from pulling the food away.


His other mushroom closed up around the silverside, and it took about 20 seconds to do that. I don't think that the Rhodactis could "catch" a fast fish. The fish would have to be sitting on top of the mushroom for a good 15-20 seconds while it closed up around it.

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oh btw Balla816 - I propogated mine the same way as a regular mushroom - it turned out fine :) In fact the little bit of the mushroom that was left on the rock has already grown back since I cut it 3 months ago.

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No, sorry - I was much too concerned about doing it but I will have to cut it back again soon (my biggest shroom is close to eight inches wide when normally extended) otherwises they dominate my tank. I will post pics next time :)

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