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Custom 3g pics

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Custom 3g long is comming along nicely, so I figured it's time for some pics as I just re-scaped the rock layout & added some better zoos.










Camera isn't that great, so low chance of quality closeups X)


Currently lit by 2 20w 50/50 screw-ins but waiting on some final parts for 2 28w 10k & 1 28w actinic, as well as a DIY LED moonlight. Hood still needs to be finished off. Custom Fuge needs a few finishing touches. Dual powerheads on either side flow from inside fuge through back of tank into custom bent nozzles. Some rock was from LFS, and got 2 lbs of Fiji from Premium Aquatics as wel las 2lbs of rubble in the fuge. (should have got a bit more of each). More pics as it comes along.


Current items of "interest":

Brown polyps (default starter corals :P )

Maroon shrooms

Goniopora (small colony came on shroom rock)

Zoos - Red rust skirt, purple disk with white speckles, orange/yellow mouth

Zoos - Green skirt, purple disk with pink speckles, pastel yelow mouth

Larger Green Polyps

Zebra Hermit

Astrea snail (with a shell of red cyano :D )

white mini brittle starfish

few bristle worms

few tiny snails

terrebellid worms

fan worms

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thats an awesome looking tank, how long is it? you could probly keep some sps with the 2 28's. are you gonna keep the 20 watters ont here with the 28's?

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20w are gonna go in a 2.5g I'm gonna set up. Already have everything needed for for a softy tank, so won't cost any more $$


Tank itself is roughly 15 5/8" long x 7" deep x 6 1/2" high (not including hood). With a connected fuge 14 1/2" w x 4 1/2" d x 6 1/2" high. Fuge will have a AGA Screw in 10w 6700k (or is it 6500k? :D) for the chaeto.


Moonlight test Pics:






Gonna adjust brightness once it gets mounted into hood for good.

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Awesome tank. I like the long look. I wish my 5.5 was a "long." Looks great!

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Wow, forgot I ever made this thread. Tank is gone, as I never felt 100% sure of the fuge I glued on the back. Tank was polysterene (turned upside-down cover for models, etc...), and fuge was cheap extruded 1/8" acrylic.


This was all transfered into a 5.5g (that I never made a thread for).



I should DIY a new version of this, seriously.



Few more pics I never posted up.




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ive been wanting to build a 10 gallon shallow long tank (about 3-4 feet long) for sometime now. But I really have trouble finding the materials in my area. Where do you get yours?

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