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Tequila Bottle Pico? (.75L)


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I have this amazing Tequila bottle that I fell in love with. It is frosted blue at the top and the bottom, but is clear in the center except for the logo on one side. I was planning on planting some bamboo or possibly some other plant in it, however I wanted to see what could be done as far as creating a pico is concerned. I was thinking of adding live sand, and an airstone as well as a couple of small pieces of LR. Also, I could add some macro as well. Obviously I will need to place the bottle on a heating pad of some sort. I know this must be possible, because members like Just Dave have extremely small but successfully pico's.




Also, I know Coral magazine ran an article on Pico's a while back as well. I plan on ordering the exact copy soon. I am thinking of only housing a small snail and/or a crab. I would like to only use a small blue legged hermit, but move to something a little more interesting in the long run.


My goal in this project is two-fold:


1) Find a use for this interesting bottle


2) Attempt to make a semi contained ecosystem while at the same time making a small, normally ignored creature the center of attention. If this doesn't work, I can easily tear it down and give up. Also, if more room is needed, I can upgrade to my 1.75 liter of Gray Goose.:D


I can easily perform daily maintenance on this tank/bottle. What should I know before attempting this?

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Hey, I think that if you were able to tip it sideways so that whatever's in it could go back and forth, it might work. If you could get one of those plugs that has an openning in the middle of it, and put the line for the airstone in it and seal it... You could make a cool little thing. Hard part would be supplying the bugger w/ food... If you found some kind of macro that would keep growing while it was being eaten, it could work. I don't know if you could actually pull any of that off... But it would kick ass! Good luck. (Cool bottle btw)

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I don't think it would be possible to easily keep the bottle in a sideways position. I have LS in it now, and am looking for some LR that will fit into the openings. I have one random Zoo on a branch that just might work. I need to get my lighting before I can add the zoo though. If I only sink the airstone 1/2 way down into the bottle will that be enough? Sinking it all the way down seems like it would be a problem.

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For lighting I would make a led combination of two blue and two white leds. Its very simple to do and I bet it would look killer. Plues it would probally fit in the top just like a cork would. It would give plenty of light and the color would look awsome. I think you could could put the airstone at the bottom and cover it with some LR, then just do a water change once or twice a week. Try and get alot of LR in the if possible, since that will be your only filtration. You could plumb it but that would be alot of work and prob not neccisary.

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Dutch, wouldn't the sand provide much more surface area for filtration than any amount of LR I put in there? Since it will just ba a hermit, I hope the sand would be enough. I was going to use the LR mainly as a decoration.

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