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couple questions


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hello,i've had a 75 FOWLR going for about a year now and just found out about these nano-tanks and was wondering how i could go about setting up a 5 gallon nano reef


1st would i have to cycle the tank provided i put in some of my other tanks rock and sand in?


2nd i'm pretty keen on getting an anenome how much lighting would i require?


3rd would an aquaclear filter,8lbs of live rock and a dsb be sufficiant to filter the tank?


4th how mature does a tank have to be to start putting coral in?



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well I will jump in and start...


assuming you take sand, rocks, and water from your 75g and they aren't exposed to the air for long, you really won't experience much of a cycle (if any).


anemone... I dunno, never had one.


8lbs of LR and an aquaclear would work well. I would set up the aquaclear as a fuge with LR and macro algae in it instead of the foam it comes with. The DSB is another story... there is much debate over this issue. I have heard they don't work well in a nano and they just lead to problems. I just have a little sand in the bottom of my tank for asthetics


If you start with LR, LS, and water from an established tank it shouldn't take long to add some corals. I would just rely on your test kits. If everything looks good, add a hearty inexpensive critter like zoanthids. If they work out alright, continue adding.

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2" sand bed is a good average for a 5 gallon...........being u have a 75 galon tank aswell u could buy some small anemones and when they get bigger u could put them in your bigger tank....lighting dpends on the anemone, most of them it doesnt matter at all whatever light u have u could us.....hth

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