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Any way to remove a plate-type chalice from a rock without breaking it?

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So my tank has grown in a ton and I need to make some room for new additions!


I have a giant hollywood stunner chalice that is starting to shade out corals below- so I'm probably going to be selling it.  The problem is that it grows in a plate-like style and is pretty brittle.  Is there any way to get the chalice off the rock or should I just sell the chalice with the rock?


Similar question with my green hairy encrusting pavona-  Looking to sell to make space but it has grown over two touching rocks.  Any easy way to remove the pavona or do I just have to sell the rock with the coral?


Chalice is up top and the pavona is in the top left of the tank.


Any ideas would be great!

Full tank shot.JPG

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