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New to Nano, and this Site


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Well i just started my 46 gallon freshwater, and got a little MTS so I then bought a 10 gallon planning on a species puffer tank. Now I am pretty sure I want to do a nano salwater tank. I had a few questions and I wanted to clear them up, and the forums I ussualy use didnt have to much to offer then I found this site and its exactly what I've been looking for, and everyone here looks like they know what they are doing and then some.


In the future I will be getting a 150-200 gallon tank for saltwater, and before then I wanted to do a smaller one to get some practice. I know for the bigger tanks its smart to have some items such a s a protein skimmer, sumps, and so on. I was wondering what would be involved in a 10 gallon nano tank, for some small fish and live rock and maybe one or two corals hard/soft ( I will do a FOWLR tank, corals are not one the top of my list). I have a penguine 170 in the 10 now, and a 50 watt heeater. What I was wondering was what kind of filter would I need, do I need a sump(preferably no if possible), and also lighting whast a good ligthing system? Would it need a protein skimmers, protein skimmers I have heard are a must in reef taks so if corals need a protein skimmer no corals for me. If you could help me out with this and any other needs and musts for a 10 gallon nano Id deeply appreciate it.


Thanks in Advance

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Welcome, I am also new to the site and nano reefs. I have read alot and a freind is helping me set my tank up ( 10 gal ). He turned me onto a filter/skimmer combo called a Skilter (that's the brand name) it is realitvly inexspensive $40-50 and it does all you need. Good luck with your tank:)

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ok dont listen to that wild charley...


skilters are a waste of money!!


ask everyone here and i bet 99% of them will say peice of crap!



and it does not do all u need.(peice of dirty crap!)

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try a Prizm skimmer.


there are other skimmers that are still better but they tend to take up more real estate. the prizm is adequate and can be placed to be very unobtrusive (spacer between tank back and skimmer).


the skilter is less than perfect. probably lower than bad imo. X) hth

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Ive been reading through the articles, and they have really helped alot. I have decided on no potein skimmer in this tank, Ill just wait for my bigger one. Im gonna get alot of quality live sand and cured live rock (proabaly pacific). I will need to read up on lighting (i couldnt find too many articles on lighting but ill keep looking). About the filter. whats a good power hob filter for a 10 gallon nano tank?


thanks for the help so far

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