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little white bugs


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Thanks for the info!



6 month old 10 Gallon w/ Aquaclear 20 fuge w/ chaetomorpha and Garf grunge

Coralife 96watt quad PC





red ricordia

asst. mushrooms

asst zoos and palythoas

brain coral

some stomatella snails

some turbo snails

some blue-legs hermit crabs

some feather caulerpa



2 month old 2.5 gallon w/Aquaclear 20 fuge w/ chaetomorpha and Garf grunge

Coralife Mini 18w PC

2 turbo snails

some blue-legs hermit crabs

red button polyps

1 blue mushroom, 1 red mushroom, 1 red ricordia

some feather caulerpa


I'll take some pics when I get a chance.

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the source of all of these white bugs is the fuge.........they can grow without a fuge like in live rock nd what not but usually do not last....the refugium gives them a place to hide and multiply....if u do not like them u could get something that would eat them such as a wrasse or a orchid dottyback or a coral banded shrimp ect ect......they are deffly not harmless and when left alone and with no scavengers they have been known to grow up to 1/4"

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I want to see what a 1/4 inch pod looks like.I am sure I probably have one ,but I never see it.I bet a quarter inch pod would look badarse.

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