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glow in the dark stars?

RP Beesh

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i got a 20 H and aquamedic 250 de. it have a hood. would it be a bad ideal to put glow-in-the-dark stars under the hood so that when the lights go out the stars will light up the tank for a few minute and slowly fad? a single star is pretty bright so have a few of them will light the tank up for a while. so whould this be a bad idea?

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never heard of anyone doing that. i'm sure the glow that they emit would have little to no beneficial aspect to the corals during night, but the effect would be cool...


personally, i would imagine that you would need more than 1 "star" to light up the tank enough at night to see anything... but it's worth a shot

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Not only will they melt, but if you stick them on the reflector they are going to be blocking reflected light as well (ok, so only a little bit).



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this is my set up

got a 20 gallon tall. was looking around walmart and saw a t.v stand and it give me an idea to make it my tank stand.


i asimble the t.v stand and leave out some part and put my tank in with sand



Now i added my rocks and some water


fill it with water


This is how i wanted to look.



this is my picture at night.


this is what i got in my tank. 40 lb of LR. 2 inch of dry sand with some sand from my 30 gallon. and a HOB aquaClear 500

i have no picture of my aquamedic 250 watt de 20k .it ilay on top of the lid. where their is a cut out rectangle for the light to go in.


the plan was to put the stars under the lid around the Mh. and not directly under it.

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i know . just an idea. i will try it and see how it goes. got another quetion. i got problem with green hair algea. i just clean all my small rocks with a tooth bush and try to pick most of it out of the big rock which i didn't want to take out of the tank. i got a aquaclear 500 hob that i converted to a semi-fuge that just have LR and a inch of sand. there is alot of algea growth and some are hair algea. should i clean the hob and remove all the hair algea? 5 tubo 5 nes snail. all i got in the tank is 3 yellow tail demsil, xeni, and bright gsp

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