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will anemone shrimp do any harm to the anemone?


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I just purchase this shrimp




The online store said it's coral safe and won't bother any invert. I just want to confirm... Any one had the same shrimp with clam and RBTA, any problem?

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I had same shrimp and it was docile and great to watch. I lost it due to a pump failure and would gladly get another.


It didn't bother any of my stuff including clams.

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hi xcajx, great to know that someone has it without any problem Can I know what anemone that it host in? I read some report saying it might clip the anemone tentacle and ate it, any one?

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It will host in anything. Mine liked my hairy shrooms and gsp. I have seen them in rock anemones and BTA. I have never heard of them hurting any anemone. They collect slime from them and smear it on themslves, but there is no nipping. Perhaps with other shrimp sp. but def not that kind. Not in my xperience or anyone I have known to keep them.


They are very passive.

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