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blue tang help


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Ya, i just started doing salt water tanks and i got a blue tang with 10 lbs of aragonite and 7 lbs of fiji live rock. I have a marineland bio filter and one heater and a powerhead, is that all I need? my tang also has a problem and i dont know what it is, she has white spots all over her, how do I cure it? Someone please help!

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i can here the tang police coming a mile away, lol.


here's the problem. you have a tang in a very small tank. chances are, you just put the tang in the tank right after putting the rock and sand in. this means that your tank is just now starting its nitrogen cycle, and will not be able to support any fish. the tang has a disease called ich. it's a parasite thats harbored in every fish, and only presents itself when the fish is stressed.


here's what's going to happen. the tang is going to die, because a.) the tank is toxic with ammonia/nitrite, and b.) it has ich, and you've got no place to put the fish to treat him.


here's what i suggest, do a LOT of research on here, and on www.reefcentral.com to learn about setting up a new tank, and what equipment you need to have a healthy tank. i don't have the energy to post it all here today. also, i suggest deleting this thread before it becomes a flame-fest, but that's up to you. don't be discouraged about whats going to happen to your fish, and what the people say after me, they forget what it's like to be new to the hobby. good luck.



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Welcome to Nano-Reef.com Supavagito,


Please forgive me but, every time someone joins the board and immediately asks about their new tang, I immediately think they are a troll. The reason being is because this has been the case time and time again here on the board!


If you are NOT a troll, please feel free to take a look at the Nano-Reef.com Articles where you will find any information you need to get started in the hobby. Good reading, lots of easy to understand pertinent information.........I definitely recommend.


Any tangs would be considered a bad choice for a Nano Reef. Unfortunately sometimes people are convinced to purchase the wrong animals from their LFS due to bad advice.


Good luck and happy reefing,



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If this is NOT a TROLL, a product called "Kick-Ich" will take care of the parasite which the tang got because of the stress of a too small tank for a big swimmer. If this IS a TROLL, Get a life!

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Troll = to fish for by trailing a baited line from behind a slowly moving boat.


Trolling on an internet message board consists of fishing for negative attention by posting threads that are obviously going to offend some if not all of the community.


Fun Fact: Every "popular" message board has trolls.

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it means that the person's mommy or daddy didn't give them enough attention as a child (which they may still be, whether it be physically, or mentally), so now they decide to try and get any attention they can, even if it is negative attention on a board that talks about nano reefs. they can get everywhere!



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[O nO he Diiiiiddddnnnnttt!!! Can someone be this stupid??? I mean i hear about this all the time but have never seen this idiocy in the flesh I'm going to go throw up now:x

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