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Canon DSLR Settings?

Thrassian Atoll

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Thrassian Atoll

I have a Canon Rebel T5i and have been using the 18-55mm lens that came with the camera.  I am also using a 58mm Multi Coated Digital UV Filter.


I just can not take any decent photos with this thing.  It doesn't help that I don't know a lot about all of the different features either with taking photos like shudder speed, aperature, ISO, etc.  I set up my white balance with a white piece of plastic inside of the tank and that helps but I am still not getting great photos like I see a lot of you have.  


I also have Lightroom and can take raw photos and adjust everything there, but that's a whole other huge learning curve.  I want to buy the canon ef 100mm f/2.8l macro lens in the future but right now it would be a waste of money.  


I really need some some help from you guys with what settings you like to use, and just general tips on how to take some decent photos.  Thanks!

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