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Fish suggestions for 5 gallon reef tank?

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Hi all. I have a Fluval Evo V in my office (poor quality pic attached). Upgrades include Cobalt Neotherm, InTank Media Basket, Aqueon Quietflow 600 Pump, AI Prime HD, and AutoAqua Smart ATO. Corals include: open brain, toadstool, neon finger leather, duncan, hammer, mushroom, purple brush, and cauliflower.


I have these coral and a small CUC, but nothing else, and I'm in the market to get a fish. At one point I had a yellow neon goby, but it was bullied to death by a peppermint shrimp, which I've since removed. I would greatly appreciate recommendations for fun/colorful fish for this pico tank. Even though it's at the office, I have weekend access for purposes of water changes and feeding. Thank you!


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Green banded gobies.  If you're diligent, you could keep a pair in this tank.  They are tiny and adorable and awesome and even though I didn't have mine long, I can definitely see why they are so popular. :)  Other suggestions: a different small goby (neon, green clown goby) or a small blenny like a two spot bimaculatus or tailspot.

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Gumdrop/clown goby, hectors goby ... not a whole lotta choice with 5g 

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