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Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump


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Just got my hands on the Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump. It has a pretty interesting design with dual impellers which allows you to have dual outlets, single outlet, or a combined outlet to suit your needs. I didnt really need to replace my Jebao pump as it served me pretty well for the past 3 years, but the controller does not remember your last speed setting when there is a power outage so whenever the power resumes, the pump will be running at full speed. Not really an problem if you designed your system so that there is enough buffer in the display tank to cater the extra water being pump, but its just annoying coming home to a micro bubble filled tank.


Build quality is not bad, as expected from Maxspect . There are a lot of accessories and fittings that came with the pump so you should have the right piece for your plumbing application. The pump itself is surprisingly small for a dual outlet setup, but once you add the collector this adds a considerable amount of height to the pump. Anyone using this pump should really check if their cabinet can cater the height.












More to follow when I get this thing installed

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Been using the pump for a while now. So far it works as it should. The controller have several modes for the pump, you can pulse the flow, make surges etc. Not really that useful when using it strictly as a return pump but if you are using this as a close loop system then it might help. Right now I just have it as regular constant flow.


My previous pump was a Jebao 8000LPH DC pump which i run at around 70%. The Turbine Duo in combined configuration flows 8500LPH. 



So it SHOULD flow more than my Jebao pump, but for some reason, even when it is at 100% im getting a lot less flow than I should. Not entirely sure what the problem is. I will be doing more trouble shooting and see if I could figure this out. 

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Hallo disaster999,


got the same problem with my Maxspect Turbine 60 W.


I send it back to the European Customer Support from Maxspect, Aqarioom.


They tested the pump on all means and said its working properly. 


I told them, it doesnt activate the Bubble trap of the Reefer 250 and the Resorvoir not working either.


My Tunze 1073.050 could do that.


They said the Maxspect Turbine is no pressure pump, it's a stream pump.


In the E-Mail they send me alot pictures of the test, and said where its written 5000L per hour they tested 5600L per hour.


Also they said, the Tunze is a pressure pump with 3,9m and the Maxspect Turbine is a Stream Pump with only 2,3m.


I send them a E-Mail today asking if i even can use it for a return pump in a reefer with working Bubble Trap and Resorvoir, waiting on the answer, then i post it.


Will also post the pictures they have send me.



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So, got the answer, they say they have similar System and they use the pump as a return pump.


Im not shure if the Bubble Trap gonna work, they didnt mention it, guess i try different settings when i get it back and post the result.






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Interesting replies from Maxspect. I guess that concludes it. The turbine duo pump is more catered for closed loop flow application than pressure type application. Its best if your return pipe is as large as possible less restriction as possible.


I have the pump plumbed into an 1" pipe at the moment and it is reduced down to 3/4 locline. Im sure the bottle neck is at the reduction section and its killing a lot of my flow. Im going to be redoing my piping soon (just to make it cleaner) and hopfully that will some how improve my flow rates.

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Hey, yes, when we buy a return pump then it should be better oversized, specially when it's a pump like the Maxspect Turbine as we see now.


I managed to get the bubble trap work with setting the Downflow to almost totally closed.


They written another thing about the backflow, 5600L it is at a tube of diameter 4,2cm, with a tube of 3,2cm its 3800L.


Also the say, the test is done without a corner Part, so all our Red Sea Reefer got one before the water gets back into the tank. Not shure how much less that is, maybe 3000L left?


Assuming the recommended Backflow is at least 5x the Aquarium Liters, so 1250L for a 250L Tank, it should be ok.


One real cool thing about the pump is, she's really quiet out of the box, even at the max. setting of 10 of 10 (and the max hidden Setting of 90%).


The 90W still not released here in Germany, maybe it's better to get that one from start if possible and if the price is not to far off (specially if we plan to use it for return and other things in one, like they show in their commercial videos) .



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I got this pump TD-6K because of the specifications stated on the box. nowhere does it state that you must use 4.2cm hose and that the restriction by 2.5cm hose causes such a pressure drop that its actually unusable as a return pump for my situation.

I feel like ive been had 😞

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