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DIY Lighting question


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I'm in the planning stages for a new reef aquarium and I'm thinking about DIY'ing the lights to save some money. I'm pretty comfortable with doing basic electrical projects, so I think this would be the best way to go since it would save some $$$. I'm planning on making a a MH/PC combo with a 150W MH and maybe a couple of 55W PC's as well. The tank will probably be a 20G low with LR, some fish/inverts, and a few basic-intermediate level corals. My question is: what types of things should I take into consideration when setting up the lights? i.e. how far away from the surface of the water should I set up the lights since it is a short tank? where should I place the fans? can the ballasts be set up in the hood assembly or placed remotely? Is that too much light? etc.


I'm new the forum, so thanks for any help you can give.

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