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Blue Tang breathing heavily


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I just bought a small blue tang. I had my LFS check my params and they said my water was perfect except that I had high nitrates which they said could be fixed with more live rock. Anyway, I put the tang in my tank fed it with some seaweed and some brine shrimp. It ate but now its breathing really heavy and is lying on the sand? Is he a goner?

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get it back to the lfs if you can, otherwise it will die. The tank obviously isn't ready for it and the tank is too small for a tang anyway.


good luck,



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UCI as in the school? Wow rad another anteater reefer... well hes right blue tangs dont belong in anything smaller then i dunno 60 gal.


If you want me to go check ur setup or give u some tips PM me...

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search before you buy.


your tang is stressed. i know you had to have seen finding nemo. you rember the dory fish right? she swam a whole lot. guess what. most tangs do. not to mention they get huge.


i know tangs are beautiful but they wont fit in a 7 gallon. thats like cramming an olympic track star in a 2 foot by 2 foot box just becuase he's pretty.

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Well, people make mistakes and/or make impulse buys. Happens to everyone. Your best plan of action , if it has not already died, is to return it to the LFS and do some more research as to what kind of fish you could successfully and happily keep in an aquarium of that size.

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