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What Lens To Buy Next?


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So I recently bought a Sony a6300 and it came with just a basic 18-55mm lens.  Don't get me wrong, this thing takes exceptional pictures, but when I want to zoom in on things that I seem to be too far from, it's performance slacks.  Also, taking pictures of my reef and specific corals seems to be a difficulty getting it to focus when I want to get close shots.  I'm pretty familiar with "mm" and "f." Etc.  But my main question is:  Is there a lenses that would work well for taking these fantastic shots of my corals, but also act as a telephoto lens for zooming in on things when I'm on vacation at the zoo for example?  Basically looking for something that will take the up close pictures I want of my corals and also zoom nicely to take pictures of things far away.  



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10 hours ago, DaveFason said:

16-70 is a great lens. Pricey but really nice. 


Anything longer will really be huge on this camera. 

Good suggestion!  How good of "macro" shots could i get?

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