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which design?


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currently im planning on going back to my nano roots, ill be moving my 40g contents into a modified 15gallon.


15g is 24x12x12 and i will be building a false back to hide the equipment etc.. the pumps are minijets that will be plumbed into lockline tubing, with an overflow on the back wall.


there are 3 designs im currently debating.


1) no skimmer no fuge, pumps in each corner




2) skimmer, no fuge, pumps in both corners




3) external skimmer, external fuge (via hob)



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Skimmers take out stuff corals need(plankton,trace elements,etc)

exp:gonipora does alot better in tanks without skimmers.


This has never been proven they only think it does.


Having said that I have to agree :) anything under 20 gallons doesn't need a skimmer :-P

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I like that one you've posted without the skimmer. What in the world computer program are you using to get those shaded diagrams, cleanest I've ever seen on a web board! Is that a real cad program? Sheesh, MS art bites now.



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