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Liopropoma carmabi


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I am looking for Liopropoma carmabi, but I could not find the onlineshop or actual shop. Do you know how I can buy this fish?

And how much is it going to be?

The common name is Candy Basslet.

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I have one! actually, i lied. the carmabi is super rare and will run you like 400bucks if you can even find one. I think you might like the lioprapoma swalesi. Almost identical + an extra spot. theyre still pretty expensive. I just got one and it's pretty shy, like all candy basslets (I suppose). at any rate, theyre supposed to be pretty hardy and good fishes if you have some experience under your belt. lmk if you need any more help, super cute fishes

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Hi, supernip.

Thank you for giving me your information.

I actually I know lioprapoma swalesi, but I heard my friend that they are weak and shy. However, Liopropoma carmabi is more strong than lioprapoma swalesi. What do you think?

How long did your lioprapoma carmabi live?

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I have a swalesi right now, not a carmabi. but from what I have heard the fishes are basically the same. the swalesi is actually very hardy, but very shy.

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