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what can i keep


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well i had this in the lighting forum but no one cared... lol anyways i have oen of thoughs 50/50 compact florcents 20W that screw in an indecasent thing... what corals would do good in that? i wanted to have gsp i would imagine that they would be ok....


i just got a new keyboard and its hard to get used to sry for spelling mistakes....

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here is wha i want... blue and 'red and green' zoo frags. and gsp... can i keep thoughs with a 20gph filter and that light?


i havnt really ever keep corals....

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wow what a waist of a post, i just bouht a 250W metal hlide for my 75G so i dont need to worry... now what can i keey under that?


(73$ with the bulb balast socket cords and is all put together.... moowhahahhaha ebay!!! but the bulb isnt made for a fishtank do i need one made for a fishtank? unknow kelvin rating right now....)

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