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My 5.5g tank.


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yeah, the picture isn't too great, but with the lighting in it, the flash just made it look horrible... This tank has a nano filter and is supposed to be for my 3 dwarf pipefish. On the left you can see the feather macros. There are also 2 mangroves in the tank.


The lighting is the 12" double (don't remember wattage) from DrFandS.


Here are the corals in the tank.


Green Star Polyps






Sun Polyp



Unknown hitchhiker coral. A xenia? Very tiny.



A free zooanthid I got



There are 5 nass. vibex, 2 astera snails, and 2 keyhole limpets. I am planning on adding a hermit crab and peppermint shrimp. Also probably more snails for cleaning the glass. I will probably also upgrade the filter so I can have a refugium.

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lol, sorry the brightness on the tank wasn't so great. :) Your pic makes my tank have alot more bright colors than it really does. But the one rock going horizontal does have alot of nice dark red coralline and there are good spots of purple coralline as well.

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