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what in the world?


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what exactly is tapping on my glass or rocks? from what i have it could be a mantis or pistol. but it only does it when im not looking as soon as i move a muscle its quiet. i have 5 hermits and 2 turbos. and one emerald crab. that could be making this noise. i also have alot of pods running around about the same time as the noise but cant tell whether they are good pods or not. can someone tell me how to tell. that would be great. dont want to buy anything that may get eating by this thing what ever it maybe. thanks

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pods dont make noise and the only way its a hermit or a snail is if the shell is tapping the glass.

What kind of rock do you have?

Most the time its a mantis. Since you know the exact nuber of hermits and snails you have, im sure you will find out in no time :)

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