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LOUD Sicce Synchra


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Just got a new sicce syncra 1.5 for the IM 25 and this thing is LOUD. I have pulled it apart multiple times and cant figure out what the heck is going on.  I can hear it from the fish room into the master bedroom.


Has anyone experienced this with the sicce synchra "silent" and know how to solve it?


I had a sicce in my skimmer on the 85 and that thing was just a whisper.  I am super disappointed guys.  Help me fix it please.

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I've used almost exclusively Sicce Syncra Silence pumps (currently using a 2.0 and PSK in the skimmer) and they are entirely silent. You shouldn't be able to hear it at all. Anything louder than the standby hum you get from some electronics and there is something wrong. The first thing you need to do is figure out if it's an isolation issue on your end (vibrating against something else) or if it's coming internally from the pump.


To test this, remove the pump from your tank and put it in a bucket of water using the rubber suction cups and turn it on. If it's very loud after clearing all of the air out of the pump body, it's a pump issue and you should RMA it.


If the pump is quiet in the bucket, it's just vibrating against the back compartment of your tank and you need to get it set up so that it isn't touching the bottom panel (other than the suction cups), back panel, or false wall. It need to have space around it (even if just a few millimeters) so it is isolated. If it's touching the back wall of your tank, it'll resonate the entire back wall of your tank and be extremely loud.

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