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Peppermint shrimp found some worm

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My peppermint shrimp was messing with this hole in some live rock all day. I finally saw him pull some worm out of a hole next to it. I've never seen any worms before in my rock. Today changed that. I'm thinking it was a bristle worm. Hopefully it wasn't a feather duster out of its tube. Granted I've never seen one here before.



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It was about 2 inches long, and kept discharging this hairy type slime. At first I thought it was slime from my hammer, but when I saw him pull it out, it starting sliming. The shrimp just kept balling him up and trying to eat him. I went to be shortly thereafter after seeing the end of the worm in his mouth.

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what exactly are you feeding your peppermint shrimp that makes it think a bristle worm is a nice alternative? :P

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