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lighting for my pico


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i was wondering what everyone suggested for lighting on my 1g pico


i saw some lights at petco that screw into a "normal" house light but had a 10k and antinic florecent tubes


would this work or do i need more light im not worried about fitting it into the stock hood i will make a custom wood one if need be


thanks for any input

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I built a 1 gal pico for fun a while back. I put a socket in it and plan on running the same 50/50 screw in bulb. The 19 watt screw in "twisties" from home depot would work as well. The twisties should be replaced every few months they start to look rather yellow. Either way you are probably looking at a softy tank anyway.


Look at 1fish2fish's post 1 gallon (.33 gal fuge, .66 gal tank) update! one of the best picos I've seen. It should give you some ideas.

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