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What are these?


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I have a bunch of these things growing out of my live rock. They are out all the time and dont spook like feather dusters. The first things are only about <0.5cm and some are a little bigger. The second things are long and string like and again most are less than 0.5cm but some are nearly 1cm. Sorry I can't be any more descriptive but I really have no clue about these things and whether they are bad or not.

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Thanks for the fast response, and sorry about the second pic they are too small for me to get a good focus on but I will try to get another pic. I did check out hydroids though and they look to be what they are, now are they safe for corals? The first image I don't think is a sponge because all of them are coming out of crevices in the rock and have feather duster like tips.

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sycon sponge


as for the hydroids, i wouldn't sweat them unless you're raising dwarf seahorses, pygmy gobies, or fish fry. they're usually too small to bother anything. they sometimes outcompete an encrusting coral type but the hydroids' life cycle usually lets the coral win in the long-run anyways. hth

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