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beginner Salt Water 20 gallon tank


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hey guys,


I have been told this is the best place to get information on saltwater tanks.


I have a rather small aprtment, but would love to add a SW tank. I already have a 10 gallon freshwater tank.


i was wondering if a 10 gallon tank would work? I jsut want like a clown fish and a crab and maybe even a tang, but would the tank be too small?


i have a limited budget.


Also im looking for a good beginners guide anyone know fo one?

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A small sp. of clown would be ok in a ten, but dont even think about a tang. As far as into books, check out The Marine Aquarium Handbook by M. A. Moe or Marine Aquarium Handbook by R. J. Goldstein.

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You cant keep a tang in a small tank like that. Has to be 75 gallons or up. But you can keep a clown fish and a crab in a 10 gallon. YOu should buy at least a few live rocks so there is better filtration. Add salt mix to 1.023 and wait at least a month before adding any live stock.


10aga $10.00

200 gallon salt mix $60.00

CLown fish $5-and up

Crab $.50 and recommend you get blue hermit crabs or something

Snail $1.00 add a few to countrol algae.

Algae scrubber

Weekly 10% water changes/ mix salt water for like a day before you change, then add.

Other than that do more research. I did not list everything you need. Expensive hobby... Your looking to start a fish only tank right.

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yes thanks for the reply,


a fish only tank is correct. do you guys know of any faq beginners guide posted on the net, trying to save money on buying a book.

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You dont know how to get to the library? Anyway, as new as you are it will pay to have a referance in the house. You simply are not going to get the base of what you need to know from an FAQ. Moe's book is like 15$ and Goldstein's is less. If that breaks your budget then forget about keeping a marine tank.

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I second that. If you can't get books, forget this hobby. There are several books out now that take you step by step through setting up your first tank. Everything is explained in simple language. I suggest "The New Marine Aquarium" or "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist". Good luck.

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there is some good information on this site!look up at the top! It say information and then brings you to info! As for information just do searches! If you want more info on clowns look up clowns on the web and so on! I'm new to the hobby too, only been in it for almost 2mon, and i too am doing a 10gallon, only mine is going to be a reef! As for information i just read almost every thread on this link every day, to see what i might come face to face with in the future,see what my options are for livestock,and see what others teqnies are! It was alot of reading, and i'm still doing it but it helps alot, and i think alot of the infotmaion you will want to get will be right here! Ask questions if you need to, and you can't find it on the web, thats what this site is for! It takes alot of research and you should be prepared for it! Like i said i have been reading threads and articles on the internet for almost 2 months every day, and there is still alot more for me to learn. It takes time! As for pointing you to a site i am sorry to say that i can't realy do that! You'll find some good information all over the internet, and there isn't realy one good site IMO. Maybe others can but all i can say is read,read, and read! These threads are a good source of information!

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first advice, do a good amount of reading and learning about this hobby before you jump into it, it is very rewarding, but it REQUIRES knowledge and dedication to succeed in it, if you don't meet these requirements, you will suffer the consequences later on ($$$)

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