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Best IPhone camera app for taking aquarium pictures


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I am looking for a better photo app for taking aquarium pictures. I do not have to time or budget to get a dedicated camera.


I have an IPhone 7


I have tried the stock camera app (it sucks) and I had tried the "Manual" app, which slightly better results.

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Christopher Marks

Adobe Lightroom is definitely a great tool, you can even set it to capture RAW files for easier post processing and white balance corrections, just know that they're pretty large files. It's great to shoot and edit, even if you don't use the RAW feature and just stick with JPGs.


You might also consider a free app called Camera+ it offers a lot of manual shooting features in a nice interface.

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Fellas, I solved this problem for us!


I just published an iPhone/iPad app that corrects actinic LED light in real-time. I actually didn't see this thread before but every day I come to the homepage of nano-reef and see all these blue photos from everyone and their mother. It's heartbreaking. I mean literally today, looked at the recent gallery additions! Yiy!  (not the corals, just the photos haha)


Would LOVE any and all feedback. Got some good feedback from Jake over at ReefBuilders and Carlos at CoralVue. 

Aquarium Camera App




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