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Dying Shrimp


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I have a 7 G nano with a perc and Sally Lightfoot. Whenever I get a shrimp (past shrimps: Cleaner, Perpermint, Coral Banded Shrimp) It dies, the longest I've had a shrimp was two weeks (cleaner) The Coral Banded Shrimp died where it hit the sand! I checked my water quality and it's fine. I used to put additives in, but that made accesive algae growth, so I stopped. What's going on? why are all of my shrimps dying? What can I do?




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hey me too



I had a cleaner shrimp for like 2-3 months until it died while i added a coral and did 10% water change...


y is that???


i did it like usual.:(






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I let the bag float in the water for around 5 mins while I was also dripping it (I had to stand there and hold the bag) I didn't check the PH or salinity of the bag water, but I let it drip for an hour and a half or so.

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i had two peppermint shrimps in a 24gal nano cube. both were fine, and had molted. one suddenly died after molting. the other died a few weeks later about a day after it molted. everything checks out as normal. anyone know why? i don't have any fish, so no flake or food is offered. could this be a reason?

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Have you ever used any medication in the tank containing copper? It is very toxic to inverts and if you have used it in the past, it may still be present in the seams of the tank itself.

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Same thing has happened to us. We have lost two shrimp so far. A peppermint and a cleaner. Anyone have any guesses as to why this happens. All levels check out fine and all other little creatures are doing well. So then, should we stay away from shrimp or keep trying??

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shrimp are really sensitive about water conditions. a GOOD acclimation is always in order. sudden changes can affect them badly. also helps to check iodine for proper molting.

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