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minibow 7 plus fuge


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Ok, I have a friend that has a 20 gallon tank laying around. Could I use this as a fuge for my minibow 7? If I put it on the floor next to my main tank how would I get water to flow? I don't want to drill any holes. Also would I need more live rock if my total water would go up to 27 gallons? I don't want to switch tanks either. I just want to increase my water volume and have macro growing in the tank I will have on the floor. Is a 20 gallon too big? Or could I just use it and fill it like half way up? If I had a powerhead taking water from the fuge to the main tank and another one taking it out would this work? I'm kinda confused on plumbing? Help!!!

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Not sure if you are still monitoring this post, kinda old, but thought I'd reply.


You can use your old 20 gallon , sure.


Two ways to do it:

1) Set up an overflow from the main tank into the fuge below it, and have a return pump put the water from the fuge back into the main tank.


Good news is that it is probably easier to find a place under 7 gallon thank it is on top of it, so you could probably hide the fuge. Bad news is that you will need a stronger pump to pum the water back, as you will loose pressure asthe wateris pumped up. Also, whatever pods ar eint eh fuge will get shredded as they are pumped back into the main tank - not a bad thing - they will still be eaten, but not make it back in the amin tank alive.


2) Set the fuge above the main tank. In this case you will need to put a powerhead in the main tank and pump wate rinto the fuge.


What's cool about this is that the return is gravity fed and any pods that get washed out of the fuge will make it into themain tank in one piece. Challenge in this situation is finding a place to put the fuge above your main tank.


I am sure you can do some searching to find diagrams of different types. I ahve had both and prefer the second.


Ina ny fuge set up, you do not want an intake and return pump - they will never be 100% equalized, so you will either flood or run dry - use gravity in the intake output.


For the rock, you do not need to have additonal rock. but if you have room, it'snot a bad idea. thea additioanl watervolume will increase the stabilty of the tank and some extra rock can help out biologically. You don't need it, though.


I've expanded the water volume of some of my tanks, by adding tanks, too. More water always helps.



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