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new digti!!


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just got a brand spankin new m. digitata!! its brownish w green polyps. its really makin me want to get some metal halides over my tank to make it greener, but thats probably a pipe dream for now.

has anyone had one of these under pc lights? is it possible to get em fairly bright with pc lights? or are halides required? rite now i got (2) 65 w pcs on a 20 long

if anyone has any currently under pcs id love to see some pics. or links to picks, thanks



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i strongly dislike having to put brown corals in my tank. i want color. it seems that there are lots of color morphs of m. digitata. i have an orange one and i saw another orange and also green ones at lfs this weekend. on the other hand if you got it cheap then :bling:

im not sure that 130w over a 20l is good enough, but if you put the monti at the top it'll probably grow. after the lighting, be worried about alk and calc. stuff grows like crazy under the right conditions.

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I have what sounds to be the exact same color morph of M. digitata, and it is growing very well onder 4-overdriven 15W NO's in a 10 gallon, but I am upgrading soon to a 150W DE MH over a 18gallon soon. I think that it should be fine as longs as you watch alk and cal as already mentioned.

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I also have this monti. I fragged it several times due to some bleaching and i didn't want to lose it to RTN. The bleaching stopped and i have the main stalk on the gravel of my 10 gal with a 96w powerquad. Its now growing from the spots that i broke the frags off. The frags are a bit slower growing, but the main stalk is doing the best. I haven't been able to get it to show that brilliant dark green in the tank, the best way to tell what green color it has is by taking pictures of it. The flash shows it real well. I think halides are your best bet to get this thing to color up. But under PCs and good water quality it does grow pretty fast.

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i have had a couple of orange digis fro 3 months now under 96w in an 8g (however that's 12w per gal.). when i first purchased them from a fellow reefer, they were brown & barely surviving (he had them under 36w in a 6g). but now they've regained their color and always have their little polyps extended. i also think that the key factor for these guys to thrive is water quality & feeding zooplankton & phyto (just my $.02)

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the brown and purple digi I have grow 'ok' under moderate light. The green, and orange morphs I have I would say need higher light however, as otherwise they change color to be more brown (indicating they would be better under higher light).

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