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Float Switch


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I am looking for a float switch for my Auto Topp Off in my MiniBow7, the evap from my Sattalite Fixture is prity bad, i am haveing to add fresh water every day :(

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I have an extra one if you want, brand new. 10$ shipped.


Maximum Switching Rate 20W Maximum Switching Voltage 200V Maximum Switching Current 0.6A Contact Withstand Voltage (DC) 250V Contact Resistance 0.3W max Temperature Range 122-F.

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ok im kindda condused about the auto top off set up.


So I buy the float switch from floatswitch.net for $6 and what else do I need to buy to make an auto top off? I need to set one up for a MB5 and a 2.5g. (what size pump?)


How do I set it up? step by step instructions or pics would be great!



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