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Tales of survival


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I posed a few times previously, lamenting the state of my two hawaiian (sp?) feather dusters. They hadn't opend up for a month, so the great guy at my LFS gave me two more!! (If you are in the Dallas area, I'll tell you which one and which guy...)


The crabs had almost daily tormented those dusters and eventually chopped off about a two inch segment of one of the dusters. I have two other large dusters and they seemed to handle the crabs just fine. (The crabs are occasionally under the impression that the dusters are their own personal jungle gym) Well, I figured that one was down for the count, but soon after, he appeared and has opened daily since. They are the white kind with small light red dots on the feathers.


Despite what appears to have been productive pruning by my red legged hermit, I am still leary every time he approaches the dusters and messes with them. I have originally made a little protective cover for the two, but they didn't respond. The other duster has not opened up as of yet, but I just going to leave it in there, no harm done I figure.


So now all total, I have two brown/tans, tow white&reds, one two-tiered white as well as two VERY tiny hitch-hiker dusters. The hitchers look purple, but it is hard to tell for certain.


I really recommend dusters, even despite all of this. They are great little creatures, easy to feed and can take quite a beating in general.

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Yeah, my feathers were devoured by my Megistos! I came home from dinner the other night to find the plume sticking out of his mouth like a beard on the damn thing. He just had a 24 dollar meal on the Reefer account. I like to hear about that red and white. Sounds pretty. got pics?

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