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would it be possible to...


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Im just curious, but I saw this wierd tank thingy (not sure for gallonage or anything) but it's 'Red Sea Deco Art Aquavase Candy Combo XL' by the company Red Sea...


Would it even be possible for a nano this small?

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Yup. I run one of those now. You just have to worry about temperature and evaporation. I have to top off 3 times a day. I will be putting a cover on it soon to see how that works out. Do a search on Red Sea Aquavase. Thats what I did before I started. There a bunch others out there that are doing it and having success with it. I believe it is .75 gallon

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Wow lol that's insane... hey can anyone post the specs of theirs up? That would be wicked...




*p.s. plz post the specs quickly... this is really cool*

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I use everything stock......

stock filter

stock lighting


25 w heater (it was the smallest I could find that would fit in the tank) I hear finding a heater that will fit is a little difficult.

.5 lb live sand

1.25lb live rock


I just started to stock so I don't have much yet........

pulsing xenia

hairy mushrooms

purple mushrooms

sexy shrimp

1 cerith snail

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So you use the light that came supplied? Is it flourescent? How do the corals grow with it?


As for the heater, do you use one that has a temp. control? Were do you put it in to avoid making your tank clustered?




*p.s. thnx changisbad for the specs, seems very cool* :)

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The light that come supplied with it is a 7W power compact. The corals are quite happy with it. The xenia I had in the tank came from my other tank a JBJ Nano cube. In that tank it was long and stalky but in the pico it is very happy. It is short and pulsing beautifully. The heater I use is temperature controlled and is small enough to fit next to the hang on filter in the back. I don't feel it clutters my tank any more than the filter since it is pretty small.

I just want to remind you since I believe this is your first tank that a pico is much more difficult than a nano or larger reef for that manner. Bad things can and will happen real fast if you are not on top of things. Even missing top off your water for 1 day will throw the sg waaaayyyy out of whack which could shock and/or KILL everything in your tank. Water change water has tro be exact or everything will be way out of whack again and this will shock or kill everything in your tank. I am not an expert or anything but I am very dedicated and continually checking everything in both my tanks to make sure everything is in check. I saw you were thinking about doing the eclipse 3 gallon. You might want to reconsider. It would be a bit easier than the pico. Sure it costs more but you can start slow and add what you need as you get the funds. Hope this helps.

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ahh yes.. yeah i did consider it, but unfortunetly there is no 'goin slow' for me because I wont be gettin additional funds, until my birthday (1/2 yr away) Christmas (1/2 yr away) or next summer, when I'll get my jobs back. Soo I'm goin to have to work with what I got ($210 bucks Canadian)


As for me stayin on top of things; the topoff part is easy, as I can do do it every time I wake up (lol)


However, the 'exact sg' part is what's beginning to worry me... how do you guys make the sg really close to the one you already have?


But yeah, besides the Sg thingy what other 'dangers' are there which I should be wary about?


*p.s. on a side note, what if I got something between 3 gallons and .75 gallons? Are there any 2 gallon, or 1 gallon tank setups which can easily be converted to nano reefs?

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