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nano cube lighting question


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i mite get one of those jbj nano cubes that are 12 gallons. i plan on haveing some onyx perculas and a hammerhead coral with live rock. will the stock lighting be enough. or shoudl i upgrade. if so to what and how. should i get one of those mh or other lighing. any specific one for a small nano tank

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The stock lighting in a nano cube is not sufficient for a hammer coral. The stock lighting will let you keep zoos, mushrooms, GSP, and xenia, if you're good...but probably not LPS corals like hammer. If you want to stick with stock lighting, check out some soft corals like those listed above.


For a hammer coral you're going to need to (at least) do the 2x32w power compact retrofit that everybody else on this site does to their cubes (run a search)....or you can use a halide bulb.....though halides are expensive and not simple to set up over a tank like this (mostly due to heat issues)


If you want a custom hood for the cube, go to the classified sections...there's a guy who sells them there.....ones into which you can install halide bulbs, etc.


For a halide bulb, check with LampDr. over in the classified section. For a small nano cube, I'd go with the 70w HQI double-ended (DE) kit....but make sure the bulb is well above the water's surface or you'll have all kinds of cooling issues.


If this is your first tank (just a hunch, based on your question) you might consider starting with some easier-to-keep soft corals and power compact lighting.



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